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Birthstones Explained – What’s your birthstone?

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The idea that a gemstone is related to your birth month has been around for a long time. In the ancient times, each gemstone has been thought to hold some kind of special properties, and even to this day, some still believe in the special qualities of a gemstone. I won’t delve in too deep into the history, but will give you an idea of which gemstone goes with which month. Also, it would be interesting to note that there are other versions of which gemstones relate to which month – the old list and the modern list. In this blog, I will just be covering the modern list.


January – Garnet (Deep blood red gemstone).  Garnet also comes in other colours – orange, green, purple


February – Amethyst (Purple)


March – Aquamarine (Pale, watery blue)


April – Diamonds (Clear)


May – Emerald (Deep green)

Alexandrite Pearl

June – Alexandrite (lavender blue but will look different under different light conditions) or Pearl (which is a more common choice)


July – Ruby (Bright Red)


August – Peridot (Pale green, often pale-yellow green)


September – Sapphire (Dark Blue)

Rose Zircon Opal

October – Rose Zircon (Pink) or more commonly Opal (Multi- Coloured)

blue topaz

November – Topaz (Although its natural colour is brown or smoky grey, blue topaz is a more common choice)

Blue Zircon

December – Blue Zircon (A brighter blue stone than the Aquamarine)

Now that you know what your birthstone is, what do you think of it? Do you like the colour? Do you think the relation between gemstones and months are just folklore? Share with us your thoughts.

Nautical Adventures – Some ideas on how to go nuts on Nautical Styles

August 5, 2010 4 comments

I was walking through Myers the other day and noticed in the mannequin dressed in one of my favourite styles – Nautical! It’s not because I like boating or can afford such an expensive sport, but I really do like the simplistic style and the colours – Navy, Red and White! Stripes are also a big thing with nautical styles, and I know not many of us out there can take horizontal stripes on us. Here are some ways that we can dress in the nautical theme without a) getting carried away b)having to wear striped tops necessarily.

  • Striped top – if you can carry off wearing a horizontally striped top, accessorise with plain items. Silver chains and bracelets are a good choice. Team it up with a trench coat either in red or navy.
Nautical 1Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Nautical 1 by norlinm featuring McQ by Alexander McQueen jeans

  • Striped/nautical themed scarf – If you prefer not to wear a striped top, try accessorising with a scarf. This scarf has got a nautical them to it, with the rope prints. Tie it around your neck loosely or tightly. If you don’t like wearing scarves, the tie the scarf around a bag. Team it up with something red, say a top, cute shoes or even accessories. A military style jacket can also finish off the look.
Red Nautical ThemeFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Red Nautical Theme by norlinm featuring BKE jeans

  • Nautical Themed Accessories – If you really want to get into the nautical style but not game enough to try out the outfit, here are some accessories that might help you along. Striped bags with rope handles, or bags with an anchor, caps, jewellery with some red and silver or even shells, nautical themed jewellery, watches…the list is endless. The idea is to have fun without looking like you’re a commander of the seas!

The right bra style for your body.

August 4, 2010 4 comments

As promised, here is the next instalment on choosing the right bra – choosing the RIGHT style for your bust size. First let’s view this video highlighting the different styles of bras that we have on the market:

Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on which styles will fit which busts, but, this is what I’ve learned from a lingerie consultant who fitted me recently.

There are four basic types:

  • The plunge bra
Bonds Plunge Bra

Bonds Candy Floss Plunge Bra -

  • The maximiser
Maximiser Bra

After Eden multiway maximiser -

  • The moulded bra
Moulded bra

Intimo moulded bra -

  • Balconette
Balconette bra

Intimo Contour Bra -

They all come under different names in the different brands that are out there. As a basic rule of thumb, those with cup sizes from AA to a C cup would be more suitable wearing the Plunger and Maximiser. The plunger will push the bust together and thus give an illusion of a cleavage. The maximiser, as the name suggests, would add an illusion of bigger bust and cleavage. They are usually padded, some even with gels inserted, and moulded cups for definition.

The moulded bra is great for those with bigger busts – DD onwards. Because it is moulded, it minimises bounce and movement. It usually comes in a fuller cup, therefore giving more coverage. There are also other moulded cup bra styles that come in a 3/4 cup for outfits that may have a lower cut or plunging necklines.

The balconette bra is great for those who want a lift and definite shape to their bust. The padded ones will help with definition, by pushing up your bust. Most cup sizes would fit this style.

That’s basics covered so far and I do hope it will help demystify the mysterious and sometimes daunting world of choosing the right bra! Remember, if it doesn’t fit right, if it doesn’t feel comfortable, then it definitely isn’t right for you. I don’t claim to be an expert but having this basic rules does help in a way. So go forth and choose the right bra for yourself! And if there are any experts out there with more advice, please feel free to add your comments and suggestions here!

How the correct undergarments can change you.

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I’m sure you’ve heard this before, that if you wear the correct fitting bra and knickers not only will you feel a million bucks on the inside, you’ll also look it on the outside. Well, it’s true. Imagine wearing an ill-fitting bra. You wouldn’t be walking around confidently would you? Even if you’ve got the most gorgeous ensemble on, if your bra doesn’t fit, you would feel uncomfortable. You would either be worrying if your boobs would fall out, if you knew the fitting of the cup wasn’t right and those lumps and bumps you see at the back, well, another curse of the ill-fitting bra. I just learned a few months back that you would have to have a fitting done at least once every 6 months. Or you can go a year; maximum. And that bras need to be changed every 6 months to a year. Why? Like most things, they don’t last. The elastic gets worn out, and your body changes too. You would be amazed at the difference if you haven’t had a fitting done for a long time – I know I was!

Here’s how to tell if you’re wearing the wrong bra size:

Although there are consultants to fit you in lingerie stores, here’s a way where you can measure your own bra size:

Hopefully these tips can help you find the right bra size. Next, we will look at choosing the correct bra for your body type.

Casual Fridays – Tips for Men

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By popular demand, I thought I should share some tips for the men in our lives on what to and what not to wear for casual Fridays at the office.

  • Jeans – again, same tip with the ladies last week, make sure there are no faded spots, frays, holes, patches. Dressy jeans is the way to go, with DARK colours.
Men's Blue Oxford Jeans

Dark Blue Denim Jeans -

Ben Sherman Short Sleeved Shirt

Ben Sherman Short Sleeved Shirt with Jeans -

  • Pants – Casual tailored pants are the way to go. Leave your cargo pants and shorts for the weekend.  As far as colour goes, beige, khaki, black, charcoal and navy blue are all safe colours to go for.

Beige Ben Sherman Pants

Beige Ben Sherman Pants -

Dark Brown Pants Oxford

Oxford Dark Brown Pants -

  • Tops – If you are wearing jeans, team it up with a nice shirt – NOT Hawaiian shirts! You’re not on a holiday, you are still going to work, so it doesn’t mean you should leave your professional self behind. Unless of course your office is having some kind of theme for the day – which is usually very highly unlikely. If you were wearing pants, team it up with a long-sleeved PLAIN coloured t-shirt. Not brightly coloured ones, just plain, t-shirts and team it up with a nice jacket. NOT denim jacket but a tailored jacket. Nice woolen sweaters  would also go well with shirts or t-shirts with either pants or jeans. During the warmer months, team plain short-sleeved t-shirts or  short-sleeved polo t-shirts, with pants or jeans and a light tailored jacket or a short-sleeved shirt with dressy jeans or pants.
Oxford Men's Shirt

Oxford Men's Shirt -

Boss Sweater & Pants

Boss Sweater & Pants

Hugo Boss Short Sleeved t-shirt with pants

Hugo Boss Short Sleeved t-shirt with pants -

Oxford Jacket

Oxford jacket -

Polo T-Shirt Esprit

Esprit Polo T-shirt with Dress Pants -

  • Shoes – NO runners. You still need to wear your work shoes. Casual leather shoes would work well with either jeans or pants.
  • Accessories – Yes, it is casual Friday, not go out on a limb Friday. So keep it to a minimum. A watch, your wedding ring (if you have one) and really, that’s about it. No dangling chains, gold or otherwise! And of course a nice belt.

With these handy tips, we hope there would be less scruffy looks or Hawaii -five-O wannabes to the office on casual Friday.

Round She Goes – Review

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Last Sunday, the 18th July 2010 was the Round She Goes Market over at Kingston Town Hall. Rushed there at around 10:30am, with unfortunately my 4-year-old boy in tow. NOT A GOOD thing to do to start of with. NEVER can I say, NEVER bring your 4-year-old who has an attention span of say 2 minutes to a place where there are NO TOYS for them to look at and LOTS of clothes, accessories and other interesting finds. Not that I had a choice though, and I really wanted to have a look at what the market had on offer.

The place was packed with lots of hunters, after a good bargain and I have to admit, there was so much amazing stuff! There were designer stuff that was waaaaay, below the RRP price, well, granted it’s second-hand, but still the prices were FANTASTIC. There were also some REAL vintage items, bags that looked like they were from the 50’s, very cute indeed, and accessories galore too! Here are some handy tips for the next Round She Goes Market :

  • Bring your own shopping bags – let’s save the earth while we shop for recycled fashion. Plus, some of the vendors do not have carriers, so it’s handy to have your own.
  • Kids – if your child is into fashion and bargain hunting, go for it. Leave children under 6 at home.
  • Go early – like most pre-loved markets, garage sales, etc, it’s best to get in early before the best stuff gets sold (first come first served remember).
  • Browse first – don’t buy the first thing you see and like, unless of course it’s a HUGE bargain, in great condition AND you really love it! Take note of the stalls that have your favourite items.
  • Negotiate – Yes, indeed, it is FINE to negotiate. Remember they really want to get rid of their stuff, but don’t screw them down so low though, be fair but yes, you’d be surprised at how willing they are to negotiate prices too!
  • Be open to new ideas – Remember, you have to think outside the square. If for example, there is a jacket you really like, at the right price, but maybe not the right cut, you can have it tailored (well some) or, re-fashion what’s on offer, sweaters for example with fantastic fabric and colours can be re-fashioned into scarves. This is especially handy for those who sew or knows someone who does. Another example, a pendant can be re-fashioned into a brooch or vice versa. The choice is endless!
  • BRING CASH! – Yes, the most important aspect of all. Or at least have a definite budget and bring the amount you require only. This will curb any impulsive buying and make you more aware of what you really regard as being valuable. Plus, this will help you WANT to negotiate the prices, which really is part of the fun of hunting for pre-loved fashion.

Next Round She Goes Market:

Saturday, 4 September 2010

10 – 5pm

Collins 234 – Boutique Place

Level 2, 234 Collins Street, Melbourne

Entry: FREE!


Sunday, 17th October 2010

10am – 3pm

Kingston City Hall

Entry: $2